Remembering Lucy...

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the great music released by Lucy
Steymel back in the late 70's and early 80's ... Who could forget "Living
 In A Different World", "Nights Without You", "I Love You's" and so many
others that touched us and brought a tear to our eye.

Many wondered... Whatever became of that beautiful young girl from
 the 1981 Dutch Eurovison Songfestival with the the 'silky' voice and
  the captivating Texas smile?  For years there was no word ....


Then sadly, in February of 2006 an anonymous looking notice appeared 
in the Dutch city of Hertogenbosch (where she had lived with her husband
Alfred under her married name of Willems). The announcement said that Lucy was dead...

FADE TO BLACK... (click HERE for full obituary...)
Some time back, my good friend ( Dutch DJ) Peter Timmerman
 mentioned that he found it appalling that this great artist had been
 relegated to the dusty shelves of history. He was determined that
 this wasn't going to be the end of the story...

Someone had to do something...

Peter rose to the occasion and put together a tribute celebrating Lucy's
 life and music for his "Alternation" show on Radio Enkhuizen (where over
the years her songs had often found a 'comfortable home') and Lucy's
 music once again found new, receptive ears and an idea was born...
This was the 'genesis' for this website... a place where Lucy's friends
 and fans could come together to celebrate a sometimes troubled life...
 tragically cut short... but undeniably made richer by her all too brief
time among us...
This is for you Lucy...



Jean Paul DeSartre

for avatar productions

  Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA
Peter Timmerman

  Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


avatar productions (staff)
 Special thanks to Peter Timmerman for being moved enough to
insure that, though Lucy can't be with us, her music will live on...
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Peter Timmerman
(Enkhuizen, The Netherlands)

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